Saturday, November 12


That's where I should be at right now actually. But nahhh, who cares anyway right? I'm free to do as I like :D Though I am sleepy. Anyway, today I went to Yovisha's house again to help out with Interact stuff (look at my previous post). After I came back, I feel surprisingly tired. Now my eyelids are slowly drooping but I refuse to be overpowered by sleep D:< Waiting for a video to finish buffering right now. Ugh, I hate this laptop. It's horrible to watch videos with. Hopefully I get straight A's in PMR and I get to buy a new laptop *.* and somehow, I wish the Internet speed would increase. It can get really retarded and I don't understand why. Oh I found out today that I'm going to miss a lot of events and such during my vacation. Most of it are things I was looking forward to too! Like the trip to P.A.W.S. All those cute animals. I won't be able to meet them at all D;

Haha I should go watch the video and let sleep consume me now.